Feb 12 2018

Believe or not, the pinstand, though not updated in a dozen or more years, is still open for business! The main change is that the USPS have seen fir to massively raise postal rates for packages, so I now charge $3 for US, $10 for CANADA, and $15 for elsewhere. Other than that, business as usual.

The pins on this site are laser repro'd 1" pin back buttons. I have digitized about half of the 2000 odd listed designs, previously sold exclusively at NYC concerts from 1985-2000, and many before that by Better Badges of London.. Any pin on the stand can be ordered, including those that are still yet to be scanned in. The pins are much higher resolution than what you see here. They are also higher quality than many other DIY buttons you may see as they are heat-laminated.

Frequently Asked. "How do i order?" - just email with the list #'s of what you want.. and i'll get back to you. A dozen different pins is $10 plus mail. Oh and, please mention if you live outside the USA. The other question is how long does it take? I do the email thing every day now so i should get back to you within 24 hrs.. How long after money arrives before pins go out? Well, it should not be more than a day or three after the 'done' msg. If you want something not on the list, send in a design.

You can now pay for pins with pay by email but you've still got to email me for an order number first.

Those of you who are collectors or just badge-lovers, I do recommend hitting up "The Old Punkrock-Badges Fanatics" fb group for plemty of badge porn.

Rates (Feb 2018) -

= 1 (pin + tag) 1 pin = $1 1 doz pins = 12 mixed pins = $10 (@ 84c) mail is $3 hoIver many pins, $10 for CANADA, and $15 for elsewhere packet = pkt = 12 same pins + display tags 1 pkt = $7 (=12 pins @ 59c ) (no tags) 1 doz pkts = mixed 12 pkts = $60 (=12 pkts @$5 =144 pins @ 42c) mail is variable dependent on quantity, bulk = 100 minimum same pin - no tags 100 $35 + mail $7 (Priority) 500 $150 + mail $15 1000 $260 + mail $20 Also, for stores etc, I have some mixed selections that I will do at same bulk rate. Write and ask.

Ordering -

These are 1" lock-pin buttons.

The basic ordering system is that

  1. you e-mail your order to Preferred format, a column of numbers only.
  2. we e-mail you back with order number, pins/cash amount, should arrive within a day. you check that you didn't screw up on the numbers.
  3. you mail cash whatever with order number writ on back of envelope
  4. or you pay online using paypal with your order number as the item.
  5. you e-mail us back and confirm (include your ship address)
  6. we e-mail you back and confirm that address,
  7. money arrives. we e-mail you 'done'
  8. order is printed. pins are sent.
  9. pins arrive. you e-mail us back in ecstasy. (I hope)

Pins are $1 each + $3 Mail (US) ($10 Canada) ($15 elsewhere)